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“Lojazz Acoustic Thoughts #2” : Loren Middleton

Lojazz Acoustic Thoughts #2     Live streamed 06/20/20…..Solo guitar improvisation: Loren Middleton, ” Lojazz”… Acoustic Thoughts #2.  

“Middle Passage” By Loren Middleton “LoJazz” Juneteenth recognition of our hateful legacy of slavery and quest for freedom

“Middle Passage” “Middle Passage” By Loren Middleton “LoJazz” Juneteenth recognition of our hateful legacy of slavery and relentless quest for freedom.  In rememberance of Juneteenth. Our struggle continues and our triumphant battle for freedom rages in our spirit and advocacy. We shall overcome! #blacklivesmatter #juneteenth Read More …

Lojazz Beat Drop: 061520 Hip Hop Club style beat 77 Bpm

“061520” Drop is a hip-hop/club style instrumental…. With hard hitting beat under electric guitar…… “Lojazz”, Loren Middleton is an independent artists, composer, publisher, and broadcaster of original and eclectic music. Through his experience with rock, blues, r and b, and jazz, Loren has emerged as Read More …

Acoustic Blog – Loren Middleton

Lojazz Acoustic Blog Acoustic guitar blog of concepts and improvisation from Loren Middleton “Lojazz”, featuring stream of conscious concepts and improvisation.         Sell music online at      

Lojazz Records new single release “Stream Livin'”

Lojazz Records new drop list below featuring new single release instrumental “Stream Livin’” by producer and label owner Loren Middleton “Lojazz”.  Lojazz concentrates on composition and production of original music and multimedia creations from commercial beds, post production, virtual session work and music publishing and Read More …

Virtual Bitters First Thursday_ FitzGerald’s Side Bar

  Bitters-an experimental collaboration in real time music improvisation and live music mixology “BITTERS”is a collaboration of music improvisation. Loren Middleton “Lojazz” on guitar and vocals founded six years ago. This group is a culmination of varied and extensive music back grounds and influences. Bitters Read More …