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Lojazz Acoustic Blog Acoustic guitar blog of concepts and improvisation from Loren Middleton “Lojazz”, featuring stream of conscious concepts and improvisation.         Sell music online at      

Something Comfortable by Loren Middleton ” Lojazz”

“Something Comfortable” by Loren Middleton.  Guitar Instrumental, smooth modern jazz track with Wes style octaves over a viral audio scape.   Loren Middleton is an independent artists, composer, publisher, and broadcaster of original and eclectic music. Through his experience with rock, blues, r and b, Read More …

Lojazz Records Listening Lounge -“Tribal Fodder” by Loren Middleton

  Loren Middleton ” Lojazz” studio video recording….Contains two tracks…”Tribal Fodder”  and a concept instrumental yet to be named… Visit for more music from Loren Middleton and LoJazz Records.     #lojazzrecords   LOJAZZ LISTENING LOUNGE   Sell music on Amazon at

Lojazz Studio Streams March 16, 2020 #1

Loren Middleton “Lojazz” streaming performance of a new concept piece from the studio.. Guitar instrumental and composition…..March 16, 2020……. Available for Virtual Studio session work….email: Mechanical Licenses and compositions for sound scores, commercial beds, and media support for performance and visual arts. Loren Middleton Read More …

Bitters (Excerpt 50219) FitzGeralds Side Bar..

Bitters performing FitzGerald’s Side Bar…”Bitters First Thursdays @ FitzGerald’s Side Bar……Bitters returns June 6th, 2019……….. ( Excerpt featuring: Bill Hoffman- Drums, Jeremy Calloway-Keys, Sean “Gotti” Calloway- Bass, and Loren “Lojazz” Middleton-Guitar…………