Lojazz Listening Lounge tonight’s music: The Dinner Party by Dj Melo Mix and Lojazz

Thanks for tuning into Lojazz Listening Lounge: Tonight we feature “The Dinner Party by Dj. Melo Mix and Lojazz. Album and other Lojazz Records productions are available in iTunes…….https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-dinner-party/199396655. #Lojazzrecords     SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS [wpedon id=”5699″ align=”center”]

Lojazz Studio Streams March 16, 2020 #1

Loren Middleton “Lojazz” streaming performance of a new concept piece from the studio.. Guitar instrumental and composition…..March 16, 2020……. Available for Virtual Studio session work….email: [email protected] Mechanical Licenses and compositions for sound scores, commercial beds, and media support for performance and visual arts. Loren Middleton Read More …