Virtual Bitters First Thursday_ FitzGerald’s Side Bar

  Bitters-an experimental collaboration in real time music improvisation and live music mixology “BITTERS”is a collaboration of music improvisation. Loren Middleton “Lojazz” on guitar and vocals founded six years ago. This group is a culmination of varied and extensive music back grounds and influences. Bitters Read More …

Lojazz Records Listening Lounge -“Tribal Fodder” by Loren Middleton

  Loren Middleton ” Lojazz” studio video recording….Contains two tracks…”Tribal Fodder”  and a concept instrumental yet to be named… Visit for more music from Loren Middleton and LoJazz Records.     #lojazzrecords   LOJAZZ LISTENING LOUNGE   Sell music on Amazon at