Vinyl Countdown

WHAT: The Vinyl Countdown – Live & Online Record Auction & Fair
WHEN: Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 from Noon to 6pm (Early bird admission at 11am)
WHERE: 3350 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641-4004
Discover quality vinyl, great vintage musical gear, professional record cleaning, live & online auctions and enjoy live music!
Record collectors and musicians often go hand in hand, so Groove Greenhouse Records and Rare Birds Music have teamed up for an event that celebrates both. Come flip through boxes of quality vinyl, find that grail in one of our two record auctions, take home some freebees during our give-aways, bring in your favorite records for an ultrasonic cleaning, enjoy two sets of live music, check out an amazing array of vintage instruments, and music gear.
Tentative SCHEDULE
11am: Early Bird Access (Entry for a $10 )
12 noon: General Access to a huge collection of records and musical instruments and professional record cleaning (free)
1pm: Vinyl Countdown Whatnot Auction One. Participate in the auction, shop or both!
2:15pm: Live Music, enjoy the show while shopping
3:30 Vinyl Countdown Whatnot Auction One. Participate in the auction, shop or both!
5pm: Live Music, enjoy the show while shopping
6pm: Close
What is a Whatnot auction, how does it work and how can I participate?
Whatnot is a live auction buying and selling platform. Think Ebay meets Facebook Live. A host goes live on the Whatnot platform and auctions off goods in quick succession.
In our case, we will be streaming these auctions live in-store.
We will be auctioning off records with $10 starting bids. After all, this is The Vinyl Countdown and all good countdowns start at ten!
If you register for Whatnot at, you will earn a credit toward your first purchase at the first auction you attend.
PLEASE NOTE: Registering for Whatnot does require that you have a credit card on file with them. You do not need to register for Whatnot or participate in the event. We will have boxes galore of records and vintage music gear that are for sale in-store only.
Vinyl Countdown Whatnot Auction One:…/040670de-1cb5-4726-aa43…
Vinyl Countdown Whatnot Auction Two:…/040670de-1cb5-4726-aa43…
We professionally clean records in a two step process
Step 1: All surface dirt is removed using a high end VPI vacuum machine.
Step 2: The record is deep cleaned using a high end Degritter Ultrasonic machine.
You will see a clear difference, but more importantly you will hear it!
You are encouraged to bring in your own records, have the records you purchase cleaned or both.
Record cleaning starts at $5 per record and includes a VPI clean and a five minute ultrasonic clean and dry. $7 for the eight minute clean and $9 for the eleven minute clean.