Something Comfortable by Loren Middleton ” Lojazz”

“Something Comfortable” by Loren Middleton.  Guitar Instrumental, smooth modern jazz track with Wes style octaves over a viral audio scape.


Loren Middleton is an independent artists, composer, publisher, and broadcaster of original and eclectic music. Through his experience with rock, blues, r and b, and jazz, Loren has emerged as one of the most versatile and electrifying guitarist. His broad influences from Hendrix to James Taylor are apparent in his collection of original compositions that Loren publishes through his own label Lojazz Records, Inc. Loren performs in his band Bitters and they perform First Thursdays at FitzGerald’s Sidebar in Berwyn, IL.
Loren creates compositions for self production and other associate artists, and provides production services for purchase or mechanical license in a myriad of musical genres and experimental formats. For booking or production services email- [email protected]